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The all-encompassing solution to martial arts and self-defense.

The goal of the Bewegungs- und Gesundheitsschule is to strengthen the entire body through traditional breathing techniques, stretching exercises and whole bodyworkouts. BGS trains the coordination skills, corrects muscular imbalances, and will bring your reactive capacity to the next level. 100% natural, pure and absolute.

Martial arts that will enhance you

Angriff ist die beste Verteidigung. Biu tze sau und man sau. BGS Kampfkunst die bewegt.

Are you looking for your personal martial arts style or do you simply want to fight like Bruce Lee or YIP Man? We will help you achieve your goals.

More about Martial Arts

Effective and lean self-defense

Are you looking for the most direct and fastest method of self-defense? Practical and suitable for everyday life? We teach uncompromising self-defense for real street fight situations according to the motto “Reaction is faster than action”.

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Stop by and meet us. Here you will find more about BGS training.



Sandro Savastano

I have dedicated myself to the Leung Ting WingTsun© System since 1994 and study, in addition to martial arts, the human body and its entire interaction with its surroundings. Movement, breathing and nutrition are the keys to good health.

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You can reach us by train or bus in less than five minutes from the train stations in Zug or Baar. BGS is located right across from the Oberneuhof bus stop.

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Luxurious homemade products

Here you can find everything you would need to complete a successful training. The products are Swiss handmade and crafted by us with care.

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100% natural wellness products

Our own care line is formulated perfectly to harmonize with the body. Take care of yourself and treat yourself to the best! 100% natural, most luxurious ingredients.

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Oils and balsams for any situation

Injured? Sprained or even over-stretched? That is not a problem for our natural wonders. Applied in preparation prior to trainings or as a treatment after a long hike, these oils are irreplaceable. 

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Our Martial Arts / Combat Sports Dictionary

Das Kampfkunst/Kampfsport-Lexikon und Nachschlagewerk für alle Kampfkünstler und Kampfsport-Experten.

Here you will find everything from A - Z about the different types of combat sports, martial arts styles, and self-defense schoolings.


Der zentrale Fauststoss der BGS, geradelinig und direkt zum Ziel! Angriff ist die beste Verteidigung.